John Wickens

John Wickens has been working in Colorado’s marijuana industry since 2010, after receiving his real-estate license in 2001 and discovering a demand for his services in the growing medical cannabis market. New regulations were forcing dispensaries to establish more legitimate business practices and grow at least 70% of the product they sold. This created a demand for properly-zoned warehouse space around Denver. But as the industry was trying to meet new regulations, they were facing pushback from the outside—warehouse owners wouldn’t lease to growers.


As someone just getting into the marijuana industry, John became a liaison between warehouse owners and growers. John knew it was important for both sides to feel comfortable, so he focused on educating warehouse owners about marijuana businesses and added clauses to his contracts that would allow either side to terminate the agreement if the industry were shut down.


John continued to educate the outside by talking with the media when few people in the industry were willing. He has been interviewed for marijuana-business articles published by The Denver Post , The Colorado Independent , The Sacramento Bee , The Portland Press Herald , Newsweek , and The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel .


Now, recreational marijuana is legal and John works full time in an industry that is flourishing around the nation. He has operated almost entirely through referrals and owes his success to the professional relationships he’s cultivated along the way, many of them he’s maintained since the very beginning. Most of his clients have been repeat customers—many of the growers he assisted in the early years now have major businesses in the industry. John has seen growing methodology become more advanced and warehouse facilities become larger and larger. His demonstrated ability to work hard, earn his clients’ trust, and get things done has made him on of “the guys” to know in the industry. If you’re serious about opening a marijuana business in Colorado, call around and someone will eventually recommend you to John.


While much of John’s work still involves real estate, he is now involved in nearly every facet of the industry: from selling licenses to fully-operating dispensaries. When clients need to get something done, they only have to call John and he’ll make it happen. When the market and regulations are always changing, it helps to know someone who’s been immersed in the industry as long him.


Prior to working in Colorado’s marijuana industry, John received his degree in agricultural economics from Colorado State University and spent 13 years on the trading floor at the Chicago Board of Trade as a commodities trader. On the trading floor, John learned many of the skills which would make him successful in the marijuana industry. He gained a reputation with his clients for being a quick thinker, getting things done, understanding the market, and delivering all the key information they need to make the right decisions.


Cristina Turner

Cristina Turner is the Chief Operations Officer at Six Chair Blue. A tenacious organizer with decades of management experience, she is passionate about nurturing meaningful business relationships and has been integral in scaling Six Chair Blue as it continues to grow.


Cristina left her role as an executive assistant to the CEO of a national marketing agency and joined Six Chair Blue after seeing the success of medical marijuana treatment on her father. Since then she’s played an integral role in modernizing and updating Six Chair Blue procedures, database, and internal management. Additionally, she is playing a vital role in expanding Six Chair Blue’s portfolio outside of Colorado.


Off the clock, Cristina volunteers teaching young mothers important life skills. Based in in Boulder, Colorado, Cristina enjoys wellness, yoga and hiking.