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John Wickens

John Wickens is the founder of SixChairBlue, a commercial broker and a cannabis industry pioneer passionate about connecting people to their dreams. Since 2009, he has brokered some of the most lucrative deals in the business, earning himself intimate, high-value relationships built on trust. A real estate agent and former commodities trader, Wickens has decades of professional experience in managing and closing deals.

Wickens began SixChairBlue just after Colorado legalized medical marijuana. He had earned a good reputation in real estate for establishing solid buyer and seller relationships, and a friend who was opening an edibles company asked him to help her find a kitchen for her business. The venture was a success, and from then on Wickens focused his energy on commercial cannabis brokering, building his company based on referrals, repeat business and unparalleled confidentiality. He has since placed growers in over 800,000 square feet in warehouse space and closed over $40 million in dispensary sales.

Wickens’ unique ability to understand the needs of growers as well as warehouse landlords, made him one of the most highly sought after brokers in cannabis.

John Wickens is a Denver-based commercial cannabis broker and industry pioneer passionate about connecting people to their dreams. Facilitating the most lucrative deals in the Colorado industry since it began in 2009, he’s built his business on referrals, repeat business, and unparalleled confidentiality, operating the system like a well-oiled machine.

Growing along with the industry as it went from medical to recreational gave Wickens a front row seat to the processes, quirks, and risk management plans that have defined how cannabis business gets done. He now operates the system like a well-oiled machine and has forged relationships with many of the most established, large-scale players on the market with properties optimized for success. A large portion of his listings are exclusive and never go public.

Prior to working in Colorado’s marijuana industry, Wickens received his degree in agricultural economics from Colorado State University and spent 13 years on the trading floor at the Chicago Board of Trade as a commodities trader. There, Wickens gained a reputation with his clients for being a quick thinker, getting things done, understanding the market, and delivering all the key information they needed to make the right decisions.

With a near perfect close rate, Wickens knows where the cannabis industry’s been, the place it’s at now, and it’s future direction. Based in Denver, Colorado, Wickens enjoys skiing and live music.

Cristina Turner

Cristina Turner is the Chief Operations Officer at SixChairBlue. A tenacious organizer with decades of management experience, she is passionate about nurturing meaningful business relationships and has been integral in scaling SixChairBlue as it continues to grow.

Cristina left her role as an executive assistant to the CEO of a national marketing agency and joined Six Chair Blue after seeing the success of medical marijuana treatment on her father. Since then she’s played an integral role in modernizing and updating Six Chair Blue procedures, database, and internal management. Additionally, she is playing a vital role in expanding SixChairBlue’s portfolio outside of Colorado.

Off the clock, Cristina volunteers teaching young mothers important life skills. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Cristina enjoys wellness, yoga and hiking.

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