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Six Chair Blue is a Colorado-based team of cannabis industry commercial brokers dedicated to empowering the entrepreneurs of America’s blossoming cannabis industry. Founded at the outset of the legal cannabis market in 2009, Six Chair Blue’s unparalleled experience, confidentiality, and high-value relationships have fueled their success. With a near-perfect close rate, including over 800,000 square feet in warehouse space and over $40 million in dispensary sales, SixChairBlue has brokered some of the most lucrative deals in the industry.

Are You Ready To Enter the Cannabis Industry?

We’ve worked with some of the most established, large-scale players on the market with properties optimized for profit, so we know what’s worked, what hasn’t, and where things are going. SixChairBlue’s intimate connection to this network can unlock some of the most successful doors in the industry for you.

Do you have a cannabis property or business you would like to sell?

Rooted in commercial real estate, our team has an unrivaled background on the processes, quirks, and risks in the brokering of cannabis businesses, ensuring our clients receive a professional and smooth experience.

What We Do

Our commitment to our clients means we’ll never stop working to be the cannabis commercial brokers with the most valuable relationships and industry know-how to deliver the best possible deals, now and in the future

Cultivation Facilities

We work to set up the most seamless business deals possible by utilizing primarily private listings and developing close relationships with our clients.


Each property and buyer is evaluated to understand if it is the best possible opportunity for everyone involved.

Turn-Key Properties

We’ve built our company on referrals and repeat business, demonstrating our commitment to delivering an unparalleled level of confidentiality and trust to our clients.

MIPS Kitchens

Quality products are on the rise in this industry, are you ready to start looking for your perfect property?


This industry can be complicated, but we are here to connect you with our high value relationships.

Purchasing Negotiations

Let our expertise be your guide to success.